The Most Advanced Website Worth Calculator of 2018!

The Most Advanced Website Worth Calculator

How Much Is My Site is an advanced website worth calculator and domain value tool which use the most up-to-date algorithms available to accurately estimate the current market value of any website, completely free!

We Have Now Calculated 129,645 Websites!

Our extensive website statistics include detail such as the real time value of the website, the unique number of pageviews, visitors, advertisement revenue, total number of backlinks on Google, plus much more!

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Why Choose Us?

Here at, we are confident that you will enjoy using our tool and that you will find it a useful tool to use within your arsenal when buying or selling domains and websites. The usage of this service does not require any registration, and it is completely free. It is essential that before selling or buying any website that you use our free and advanced service to acquire the approximate market value of the website to give you an idea of how much the website is worth before you sell or buy any website. We also recommend using to keep an eye on the website worth of your competitor’s websites to monitor the progress of your rival’s developments and to take full advantage!

Features & Services

We offer extensive SEO statistics to highlight full search engine details and the respective social media visibility and activity to provide you with a full understanding of the empire of the website and its current market value. Before buying or selling any website, we strongly encourage you to use our free tool to equip yourself with a reliable and accurate estimated market value of any website. Take a look below for a list of the services and features that can offer you!

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Website Price

Based on all of the data our advanced algorithms obtain we then provide an estimate of the value of your website.

Ads Revenue

Estimated daily, monthly and yearly advert revenue stats give you an idea of the revenue generating possibilities.

Unique Visitors

We provide estimated daily, monthly and yearly visitor stats to give you an indication of how many hits your website receives.


Our service identifies and provides the amount of links indexed by google that are pointing to your website.


Our advanced algorithm collects data from a number of APIs. It then performs a series of complex calculations to estimate the value of your website. Our data is always up to date and based on real life figures.


Our tools have been built with ease of use and speed in mind. Our clean and concise scripts ensure that our process, from collecting data, to calculating the website worth, is done as quickly as possible.


Bootstrap combines HTML and CSS to ensure that no matter what device you use to visit our website, it will always be user friendly and you will always be able to value your websites both quickly and easily.

Internet API

Our service collects data from a number of APIs. This ensures that our data is accurate and up to date. Coupled with our advanced algorithms we are able to obtain all required information in next to no time.

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